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Femininity at the end of XIX century

Women have always had problems with their social condition that surely conducted them to afford with pain and difficulties life and choices. They represent the weak link of the humanity, with their sensitive nature and are always in opposition to the male sex that is the cause of restrictions, limitations and fears. A big literature was built around this “other sex”, that is considered a mystery of all times, analyzed by lots of scholars. If have to make a detailed analysis to understand why women are always regarded as a particularly important element, it is necessary to start from religion. According to the sacred text of Judaism and Christianity, the first woman ever appeared was Eve, the first feminine creature of all times, which represents the example of discord between the man and the highest figure, Lord God. The Bible tells, in the Genesis, about the creation and born of the first woman, born from Adam bones. The history relegates women, guilty of the expulsion from Paradise, in a position of inferiority and eternal damnation. The fault was that she had eaten from the forbidden fruit, falling into the trap of the Sin, embodied in a snake. Lord God condemned the two human beings saying that:

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